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Healing Salt Cave

Healing Salt Cave

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The Benefits of Salt Cave Therapy

The therapeutic usage of salt caves began at the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland in 1843 and has been successfully used for over 175 years. Today, it is known as Halotherapy: the inhalation of micro-sized salt particles; and Speleotherapy: the exposure to a subterranean atmosphere.

Halotherapy assists in breaking down mucus build-up and congestion, reduces inflammation, cleanses airways, and disinfects bacteria in the sinuses and lungs. Spleotherapy further promotes healing by isolating guests from external stimuli.

Here at the Healing Salt Cave, we have recreated the conditions of the precious microclimate of an underground Salt Mine for your benefit. Our cave offers many dimly lit salt lamps, gentle music, both a HEPA & UV air filtration system, and an environment composed of 12 tonnes of Polish Pink Salt. The space also has iodine water cascades to maintain elevated levels of humidity, and a Halogenerator that grinds down pharma grade salt and disperses it throughout the air; appearing like a fine cloud with particles small enough to access the deepest part of your lungs.

This 100% natural, non-invasive, drug-free treatment has been effective in treating a wide variety of respiratory illnesses.

Salt Cave Benefits:

  • Breaks down mucus build-up and congestion

  • Reduces the need for inhalers and antibiotics

  • Improves lung function

  • Breathing is easier

  • Alleviates sneezing, coughing, and shortness of breath

  • Kills bacteria and fungi

  • Pink salt is anti-inflammatory, so this results in less itching and irritation of skin conditions

“What a great relaxing session with the cave. I was ready to go to bed. I truly enjoyed every moment.”


“I’ve had a wonderful experience in the Salt Cave. My sinus infection has already been cleared up immensely and my breathing is very much better – even after my first session. I recommend the treatments to everyone.”