Amanda Love says:

"Such a a relaxing atmosphere and within the 45 minutes you can see feel the difference. I have lung and sinus problems and I start to feel better with in just a few minute of being in the cave. After the full treatment I can breath so much better!"

Amatullah Fadil Basheer Mohamed says:

"So fabulous! You can feel the saline in your throat, nose and lungs. It works! The owner is just the sweetest and she knows her stuff! She was so kind to let my baby and i get a noon session upon discovering the spa while shopping in downtown Uxbridge. Count us in as customers!"

Steph Elizabeth says:

"I haven't been able to do the full experience yet but even just from the short time of being there I'm very impressed. It's a beautiful place run by a beautiful woman"

Margaret Boustead says:

"After meditating/napping for 3/4 hour in the salt cave, my skin feels so soft and my allergies are much better. The atmosphere is so peaceful and rejuvenating. I also bought some of the face cream and body butter - wonderfully rich, absorbs cleanly and relieves that cracked, chapped look right away. I'm thrilled, and will be going back for more cave time."

Sar Lizzie says:

"First visit today!! amazing! Can't wait to go back"

Tania Vernon says: