Welcome to the Salt Life Cave and Spa - A little sanctuary where you can learn all about the #SaltLife

Located in the quaint village of Uxbridge, Ontario just north east of Toronto, where we are very proud to offer salt Therapy as a holistic alternative; helping people heal their bodies naturally.


How We Started

Our inspiration came from visiting the Original Healing Salt Cave in Niagara Falls, where my husband Kevin and I decided to adventure out to one weekend in December 2015. We hadn't even finished our Salt Cave Session when I looked over at him and said, "I have to do this!"
Patryk the manager at the time who also was helping his father operate Salt Caves Canada Inc. followed through during each of the treatments with us and explained how the whole facility and concept of the Wellness Centre came to be, and of course how to start our own!
One month later the journey with the Chalcarz men and Salt Caves Canada Inc. began.

After thorough consultations with Wojciech and our own personal research we came to the decision that a wellness centre like this would best suit the growing demographic of the gentle town of Uxbridge where many move from Toronto seaking rest and recovery from the busy city.

In the absolute heart of the city we found a perfect location where we could introduce the #saltlife.

Services include: Salt(Halo)Therapy, Salt Cave Yoga classes, Salt Foot and Hand Detox, Infrared Sauna, and Massage Therapy


Our Team

Owned and operated by Jerri Wright and daughter Randi Wright

Jerri Wright


...to be continued

Randi Wright


...to be continued

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