Cindy Smith & Melissa Monteith, May 2, 2015 say:

"I have been taking my grandson....he is 4 and they wanted to operate on his nose and ears. Burn the inside of his nose. He couldn't breath and was on inhalers.. I think it was after the 4th visit that he woke up in the middle of the night ...called his mom and said he could breath and his nose was running like a tap. Recommend this treatment 100%. I had no idea what a salt cave was a month ago My 4year has been coming for a month in the unlimited pass. He was having serious sinus issues. He was so congested (since birth) that it was affecting his speech. He's being going to the caves now 4 times a week for a month. What an amazing change we have seen. He is taking much more clearly. Because now he can breath. He had a few days of serious sinys draining but the benefits were worth it. He tells me "mommy I can breathe now. I don't talk funny anymore " My wish now is that the caves can continue to offer afforable sessions so that i can continue to bring my son for maintenance sessions. Thank you for helping my baby boy avoid a very invasive surgery. Sincerely Greatful to the Salt Cave Onwers and my mother Cindy Smith for dedicating her time to take my son to his sessions. ♡♡"

S.G, September 2014 says:

"This has been a life changing experience for both my best friend and I. Ewa is such an inspirational person and truly does cave about her customers! Cave and sauna were Excellent! Thank You"

Anonymous, September 2014 says:

"Amazing Experience, Following Salt Cave, Massage and Sauna felt relaxed and rejuvinated. The salt therapy improved breathing and was very calming. So good to de-stress after a busy week. Thank you for showing our healing space"

Alexandra Briza March, 2015 says:

"The owner was very knowledgeable in explaining the benefits of Halotherapy. This spring I have taken a membership and have come on a regular basis for nearly three weeks now and I definitely see a significant difference in several aspects of my health. Firstly, my sinuses are clearing up as well as the mucus in my lungs. I sleep better, probably because I can breath better and I also have more energy. I also feel my anxiety has been reduced. I have a background experience as a registered nurse and I strongly recomend the Salt Cave for an alternate healing therapy."

Kasia Niton, March 21, 2014 says:

"This was my first time at the Healing Salt Cave, and it was such a wonderful & relaxing experience. What a great escape as well. Feeling rejuvenated already looking forward to my next visit. Thanks!"

Lula Fabiano, March 2014 says:

"I used the sauna, salt cave + foot detox, when i left i had absolutely no pains in my joints which lasted all day. Thank you"

Andrea Grant 2014 says:

"After 45 Mins I can breath! =) I have asthma and cystic fibrosis and am very excited to come back!! Thank you, gives me hope!!"

Liza Fanjoi, November 2013 says:

"My 3 daughters, ages 13, 10 & 6 have completed the 3 week immunization trial. Since beginning the treatments, i have noticed a significant improvement in breathing. My youngest daughter has not needed to take asthma meds as frequently. Amber (10) has not had as much night time caughing. Meghan (13) has noticed she is a lot more relaxed. Sarah was just starting a cold when we began, that cold did not progress to anything. Sarah normally gets very congested, and her asthma symptoms become worse. I was happy that this did not happen. For my Self, I found the experience in the salt cave very relaxing. My own allergy symptoms have been minimal, and have not needed to take anything. The cold symptoms i have been experiencing have been minimized. This cold has not progressed. I believe exposure to the salt cave has been a real benefit for my self & my family"

Sylvia Hilton, June 13th, 2016 says:

"January 28th was my first visit. 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Severe COPD. In May of 2015 I ended up in the hospital with what they told me was a very severe condition. I was at the worst end of COPD I could get. Each time I had an attack it makes my lungs weaker and weaker. I went on oxygen approximately 5 years ago, for about 15 hours a day – usually at night while sleeping. After the attack in May last year I went on oxygen 24/7. Before coming to the Salt Cave I couldn’t drive my self anywhere, if my husband didn’t drive me, I stayed at home all day. I couldn’t even walk 15 feet from my hospital bed in the living room to my bathroom without gasping for breath. For the first two weeks my husband drove me. Since then I drive myself and I am now into my second month of therapy. I am currently doing 5 days a week and for the last 3 weeks or more I have been doing 2 hours sessions inside the salt cave and am noticing a difference. I am able to walk around my house without gasping for breath. I pant every so often but it is not much. I can make my own which feels like a big accomplishment for me because that is something I have not been able to do in a long time. I have the freedom to go out and get in my car and do what I want, I no longer feel dependant on someone else to do what I want. I also use the Iodine Bromine Thermal Brine in my nebulizer. However I have only felt the need to use it twice since coming to the salt cave. I have also not been using my puffers as much. I only use it once in the morning, and once in the evening. I no longer feel the need to use it during the day. I still take my medications that I have to take but I am not dependant on my puffer anymore. I never leave the house without it but very rarely do I use it in the day time. I have taken myself off Predisone – steroid, coming to the salt cave now for almost two months my body doesn’t feel like I need to use it. I have also been doing the COPD 6 Asthma and COPD Screening test on a weekly basis. Let me tell you those small differences when I see the obstruction index in my lungs go up to and the FEV1 and FEV6 start to increase, those small differences mean the world to me. They may be small increases, but to me the mean I feel better breathing, better sleeping, less dependency on my medication and I am feeling happy and good!"

Edith Kerkdyk 2014 says:

"I have had psoriasis for years and have used prescriptions for years, but since coming to the salt cave my skin has cleared and I don't have to use prescriptions. My doctor was amazed"