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A Therapeutic Bath Soak focuses on complete relaxation of the body. The candles, salt lamps, and fireplace bring this essence of relaxation to the room, as you enjoy one of our many baths that we have to offer!

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Our Pricing

60 Minutes - $115 or $175 for two
Includes a Glass of Wine, or a Refreshing Cup of Water!
Combination Spa Packages are available. Please call to inquire and we will find the best price for you

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Treatment Options

Salt Brine Soak

Pink Salt contains 84 minerals that our body should be absorbing on a daily basis. Each bath contains a minimum of 2lbs. of pink polish salt. Pink salt de-stresses and detoxifies the body. It assists in alleviating skin conditions, softening skin, and relaxing the body and muscles.

"Borowina" Peat Mud Soak

This soak involves immersing one’s body in the earthy material of mud. A mud bath purifies the gently overheated skin making it easier to absorb nutrients from the mud.

Iodine Bromine Salt Water Soak

This soak involves emerging one’s body in a natural saline solution through the use of “Salco Sport Therapy Salt”. Iodine salt is beneficial to the body as it assists with inhalation, boosts the immune system, and is overall beneficial to the Thyroid. This saline bath directly contacts the skin and mucous membrane to help alleviate muscle and joint pains, as well as draw out toxins. *Salco Sport Therapy Salt can be purchased for at home uses*

We have a handful of bath options that can be added involving various dry flowers:

Lavender Soak

Possesses cleansing benefits, a skin-regenerator, alleviates aches and pains, promotes relaxation, reduces inflammation

Chamomile Soak

Slowly heals wounds and skin conditions, relieves pain and skin irritations, induces relaxation, improves mood, promotes good sleep

Hops Soak

Relieves insomnia, depression and is helpful with skin conditions like psoriasis. Acting as an antibiotic it also treats asthma, and various infections, dysentery and abscesses

Horsetail Soak

Strengthens and heals skeletal and muscular structure; osteoporosis, sprains and ligament injuries. Supplies trace element of silica to improve collagen production

Rose Petal Soak

Relief from respiratory tract spasms, seizures in the intestines, muscular contractions in the limbs. Known remedy for convulsions, cramps and muscle pulls

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