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Healing Salt Cave

Your heart feels good when it's in its natural state of living.

Everyday we connect with dozens of people, places and devices but we miss connecting with our own self.

Our flagship experience, the Healing Salt Cave, is our definitive holistic treatment. Our caves maintain their own micro-climate, running on separate air and heating from the rest of the facility and each cave is built to extreme standards to ensure humidity and temperature is the same as the real salt mines in Europe. We are the only salt caves in North America to use a licensed medical device for treatment.

Time in the cave allows visitors to relax and gain new perspectives. Many fall into a state of meditation. We hope that when you leave one of our caves you are feeling refreshed and have a new outlook on the physical world around you. Locations are nearby.

The Experience

A Healing Salt Cave is a man-made re-creation of the environmental conditions found within a natural underground salt mine. It contains atleast 12 tons of Polish pink salt and has a controlled climate regulated by the use of iodine water cascades (that maintain humidity), and a cold air conditioner for temperature stability. This induces true therapeutic properties found in nature; producing ideal atmospheric breathing conditions for our treatments. Our caves are a 100% natural and drug-free treatment.

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Our Pricing

General Admission Prices 
Salt Cave Session:
Children (0-8): Free (With Paying Adult)
Children (9-17): $20

Students: $25
Adults: $49
Senior (65+): $30
Group of Six: $195
Group of Twelve: $350

Children 5 Sessions: $80 or 10 Sessions: $140
Adults 5 Sessions: $200 or 10 Sessions: $350
Seniors 5 Sessions: $125 or 10 Sessions: $220
*All Sessions are 45 Minutes*

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Real Healing Properties

Authentic Natural Caves

100 years
Speleotherapy has been successfully used in Europe for over 100 years, and salt mines for the past 50 years. The "Wieliczka" Salt Mine in Poland was first to start regular treatment in the salt chambers underground.
The world's first underground health resort of our kind was established in 1964. Poland's Ministry of Health recognized this uniquely created program for pulmonary rehabilitation.

The Coolest Place

Our approach is about authenticity. We keep our caves cool, the same temperature as the real salt mines that it is derived from. Blankets are provided at the start of your treatment to ensure your absolute comfort.
The relative humidity in our caves is extremely high. We use natural water cascades that are programmed to maintain this humidity throughout your treatment for better absorption of minerals.

The Healing Salt Cave targets the Respiratory System

Halotherapy, Speleotherapy, and Relaxation Therapy are the three main components of a Healing Salt Cave. Dimmed lighting, gentle music, and soft-running water cascades allow for clients to engage in deeper relaxation as they receive the treatment of Speleotherapy (exposure to a subterranean atmosphere) and Halotherapy; the inhalation of micron-sized salt particles that breakdown mucus congestion, and disinfect bacteria.

84 minerals
Calcium, Iodine, Iron, Sodium, Bromine, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper, and Selenium are just a few of the 84 common minerals found in our ancient imported pink salt. This has a positive impact on a number of common illnesses and other benefits that you can read about in detail on our site here.

For Children and Adults with Breathing and Sinus Problems

Healing Salt Cave locations include areas for small children to play and enjoy the benefits of our caves. It is a fantastic and unique experience for all ages. Salt aerosol floats through the air of the cave. These small particles of salt are negatively ionized and bear a very high kinetic energy. It is guaranteed that treatment gets into the deepest and smallest parts of the lung. Negative ionization of salt increases the efficiency of healing. Dry Salt Aerosol cleanses human airways, like a toothbrush cleans teeth. Our caves alleviate bronchial inflammation, relieve allergies and speed up mucus.

The Halogenerator

Our caves are the only caves in North America to use a medically licensed device, The Halogenerator. A generator, which by means of mechanical actions, crushes pharmaceutical grade salt into micron-sized particles. This creates a dry salt aerosol between the size of 1 to 10 micrometers (smaller than particles contained in cigarette smoke)

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