Yoga In the Park!

June 12

Healing Salt Cave Hamilton

🌲Yoga in the Park and Meditation Workshop 🙏💃
🌟@ T.B. McQuesten and The Salt Cave!🌟
☀Weather Permitting ⛆

👧Join Alanna for an all levels flow class designed to awaken and invigorate the body and mind to prepare you for the day ahead.💚

This practise will encourage the body to open up and get moving, increasing circulation, stimulating the nervous system and digestion. It will focus the mind so that the day can be met with a calm and clear energy that will leave you feeling prepared to take on any task you have to face.

This meditation is designed to ground you...take you from dream land to centred in your body and reality. The meditation focuses on the body and breath, incorporating various techniques to connect the body and mind and leaving you feeling relaxed and centered so that you are able to stay present throughout your day.

🔸Date May 12th
🔸Start time 7:30am-9:30am
🔸Location T.B. McQuesten
🔸 Price $55 +tax

✔WorkshopIncludes 1hr Yoga in the park + 1 hr Meditaion in the Salt Cave

📞Please call in advance to reserve your mat! Only 9 Spots Available! Yoga Mats will be provided if needed


The Sleep Cleanse with Jillian Dowling



2 Weeks to Better Sleep!
The Sleep Cleanse Will Help You...

•Understand why sleep is so important
•Create the best sleep environment
•Learn proper sleep hygiene
•Improve nutrition for better sleep
•Learn relaxation techniques
•Manage stress for better sleep
•Deal with insomnia
•Enjoy the health benefits of the Healing Salt Cave

$180 (Includes Two - 2hr Workshops with Salt Cave Halotherapy Session) Space is Extremely Limited


Healing Yoga and Meditation

June 27th

Healing Salt Cave Hamilton

Halotherapy Session Including:
Healing Yoga & Chakra Meditation Classes
☄Inside The Healing Salt Cave!☄

♥ Join Kat to receive a mind-body experience at the Healing Salt Cave through yoga and meditation! ♥

☄Deepen your salt cave experience and reap the benefits of Halotherapy - Dry Salt Aerosol -with Iodine and climate control in combination with body movement and breath awareness - a Yoga Class like you have Never experienced before ☄

In the first hour Halotherapy Salt Cave Session includes: Yoga Flow Yoga Flow consists of a series of postures linked together through movement of breath, whereas rejuvenation embraces longer held, reclined poses.

In the Next Class inside the Cave - Chakra Meditation

Take a journey through the chakras in this 45 minute guided meditation. Chakras are energy centers within the body which help regulate our body, mind and spirit. This meditation will move through chakras one at a time- helping to identify blockages and openings . Expect to leave feeling in both better understanding with yourself, as well as better aligned.

These two classes will leave you feeling connected, relaxed and refreshed! :D

☄Date: June 27th
☄Halotherapy including: Healing Yoga
☄Start time: 6pm - 7:15pm
☄Price:Introductory $35 (Regular Salt Cave Session $45)

☄Halotherapy including: Chakra Meditation
☄Start time: 7:30pm - 8:15pm
☄Price:Introductory $35 (Regular Salt Cave Session $45)

☄Opt for both class at $60 for the full 2 hours
☄9 spots available for each

Please call in advance to reserve your mat!
905 575 3003
Yoga Blankets will be provided!


Summer Solstice - Lightbody Sound Bath Activation

June 22

Healing Salt Cave Hamilton

☄In The Healing Salt Cave!☄

Embrace this powerful Destiny Gateway 2 hour Meditation with an Infusion of many multi-dimensional layers including a lightbody activation, chamber of light, sacred geometry, chakrablast with sound and crystal therapy anchored into the Healing Salt Cave with Halotherapy.

Restore your Body

Ignite your Soul

Awaken your Divinity

Conscious Breath

Expand your Horizons

Holographic Transmission will also be availablefor those who cannot make it in person.

Chambers of light, Ascension Seats, Light Language transmission, Fire letters, key codes

Sacred space creation

Maya the Crystal skull will also be present for healing circle.

To register call the Salt Cave at