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Esthetic Treatments

The Experience

The esthetics and premium spa treatments available in our Healing Salt Cave locations will make you feel refreshed and add some natural-beauty glow to your skin. Settle down in a warm, comfortable room with our friendly staff as we treat you to some very unique body wraps and facials inspired by the healing properties of nature.

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Our Pricing

Salt Foot Spa - $65 for 60 minutes
Peat Mud Wrap - $165 for 90 minutes
Signature Solé Facial - $75 for 45 minutes
"Borowina" Peat Mud Facial - $115 for 45 minutes

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Treatment Options

Salt Foot Spa

An exfoliating scrub, hot towels, and a mini massage complete this treatment, leaving your feet soft and airy. About 1lb. of Pink Salt is added into a basin filled with warm water (about 40°C). The benefits of this treatment include:

Peat Mud Wrap

Peat mud is recognized as a precious, natural therapeutic substance and a SPA treatment ingredient. During the session, the body is overheated evenly and the organic compounds known as humic acid penetrate the skin having a therapeutic and detoxifying effect. It is rich in enzymes, estrogens, and trace minerals. The benefits of this treatment include:

Signature Solé Facial

Through the applied combination of organic honey, fine Polish Pink Salt an other natural products, this mask assists in purifying and deeply cleansing the skin. Complimented with a mini shoulder, décolleté and hand massage, it will leave you glowing! The benefits of this facial include:

"Borowina" Peat Mud Facial

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