Our Spas

Healing Salt Caves, located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, is a halotherapy wellness centre and holistic spa that offers various types of salt therapies and holistic treatments. Our Healing Salt Caves are a totally unique, man-made, recreation of the environment of the underground salt mines in Poland. The salt cave offers a 100% natural and drug-free treatment for the respiratory system which has been successfully used in Europe for the past 50 years. It is rich in minerals and micro-elements which are necessary for the human body to function at its best.

With the use of high-end medically licensed equipment and natural materials the micro-climate is ideal for easy inhalation and has been proven to be highly effective against many types of respiratory, heart, cardio-vascular and dermatological conditions. The Healing Salt Cave compared to any other salt cave or salt room on the market differs because of our attention to detail in creating a natural environment. As opposed to a warm and dry setting, we maintain a cool and humid climate, like that of the real caves our locations are derived from, which makes for ideal healing conditions. Try a Healing Salt Cave today for problems with asthma, allergies, bronchial infections, pneumonia, COPD, and even cystic fibrosis.

Our Mission

Get back to nature. We believe that life is crazy and that every day chaos stifles the true nature of human beings. When we started Healing Salt Caves, we had a vision to transform lives by providing accessible stress relieving spaces to help you act more naturally. Our goal is to provide everyone with a space to be themselves, to turn off and relax, while transforming their mental and physical health.

Our Commitment To You

Our Commitment to you is to ensure the best possible experience within each of our facilities, especially during your Halotherapy treatment. We commit to offering you a warm and relaxing environment, friendly staff, privacy and comfort in order to induce open exploration into the realm of natural healing and alternative holistic medicine.

From Our Family To Yours

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Wojciech Chalcarz

Founder/Concept Designer/Head of Building Department

Coming from history of entrepreneurial businesses, this will now be his second individual business venture. Starting his first business in the 90’s when he first came to Canada Mr. Chalcarz has recognized an emerging trend in Europe, and had decided to build the very first truly real ‘Salt Cave’

Patryk Chalcarz

Marketing Department Manager

After Graduating Mohawk College with three diplomas in the Marketing, and Business Administration programs, Patryk now spearheads his dads’ marketing department. He is hoping to drive the business to the top of the market for Holistic Therapy Treatments and people with respiratory problems throughout North America.